Lab of Terror in Progress

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I have started work on the follow-up to the Gobsmacked! adventure. The Laboratory of Terror takes place in Gobland within the Endless Jungle.

The dwarves of the Felekhuzd clan captured a goblin who revealed the location of a laboratory belonging to Acreb the wizard. The dwarven council believe that Acreb’s research may hold the key to restoring the fortunes of the clan. Unfortunately, the goblin escaped and has no doubt informed its tribe that there is something of value in the laboratory. The race is on to reach the laboratory before it is ransacked by the goblins.

I’m making good progress so far. The adventure itself was written over 10 years ago. I have converted the original document into the Theotanium Games format and I am now starting to update it to include new content related to the previous adventure, as well as modifying the setting to use the world of Atarashia.

Image by celinedbt from Pixabay

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