About Us

Theotanium Games is a tabletop roleplaying games publisher. It produces the Atarashia campaign world setting and adventures that take place within it.

Theotanium Games was started by me, Ian Balboa, in 2015. My primary goal is to produce fantasy adventures that are both interesting and fun to play. Inspiration for these stories comes from over 30 years of gaming experience, both as a player and a Dungeon Master. As part of the process of creating the scenarios and the characters in them, the campaign world setting of Atarashia was born. This became the first published product of Theotanium Games in 2018.

Updates to the Atarashia Gazetteer detailing particular areas and cultures will follow, along with adventures set in and exploring those parts of the world.

Pathfinder RPG Compatibility Logo

All of these products are designed to be compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. However, the emphasis on detailed description and characterisation means that they can still be useful to people who use other roleplaying systems. Check out my blog for current information and updates.

I hope you will enjoy adventuring in the world of Atarashia as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Ian, Theotanium Games